Pregnancy Essentials

Today I am writing about my pregnancy essentials. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant (it’s gone by so fast!) I am sure I will have more to say after the baby is born, but so far I have found several items that have made my life so much easier being pregnant. I will say this…I have tried to be as thrifty as possible, but you have to buy so many random items when you are pregnant lol. I tried to find items that I could either wear/use after the baby is born. I would also encourage you to try to find pregnancy clothes on sale or borrow if you can. I didn’t want to spend a ton of maternity clothes, so I bought items I could use for after the baby is born, and my mom found some barely used maternity clothes from a few yard sales that were awesome! You can also buy gently used clothes on ThredUp. They have regular women’s clothes and maternity clothes. 

So here we go…here is my list of pregnancy essentials:


Bella Band

This was one of the first items I bought when my pants started not to button anymore. It is AMAZING! It is literally worth every penny. I am 7 months pregnant and can still use it with my pre-pregnancy pants and jeans. It can be annoying because it slides up a little, but for $25 it is worth it so you don’t have to buy a ton of maternity pants and/or shorts. 



I was able to wear most of my pre-pregnancy dresses until I was about 5 months pregnant. Once those got to be a little to small, I bought this awesome maxi dress from Amazon. It is so comfortable! I also love Wren and Ivory. They have a lot of gorgeous dresses that are baby bump friendly and you can wear after the baby. I bought this maxi dress for my baby shower and got a lot of compliments on it, and it was super comfy! You can put a cute jean jacket or cardigan over it for fall.


Tank Tops

I bought these tank tops from Gap in 3 colors. They are super comfy and can be used for working out, pajamas, or to wear with a cute cardigan to work. I absolutely love these. They also have these really comfy maternity camis which I highly recommend. 


Pregnancy leggings/workout pants

I love yoga pants. When I get home from work, I live in yoga pants because my husband and I workout just about every day and we walk our dog a lot, so I needed some comfortable workout gear. I had to end up getting maternity ones to fit over the belly and they are the best. I bought a pair of maternity shorts and capris at Old Navy. I got this pair of really comfy maternity leggings from Target. These are so great because you can just wear a long tank top or comfy shirt with them and be comfortable. 


Coconut Oil

I researched so many different creams and oils to prevent stretch marks and it was overwhelming for me. I tend to lean more towards natural and holistic type products, so when I read that coconut oil was great for stretch marks I just used that. I buy the organic coconut oil from Trader Joes and I don’t have one stretch mark yet!


Papaya pills for heartburn

Again, I tend to go towards more natural and holistic medicine. I have had frequent heartburn and I didn’t want to just eat a bunch of tums all the time. I went to Earth Fare and talked with the person there in the medicine center and they recommended these papaya pills. These are wonderful! I eat about 3-4 of them if I have heartburn and it almost always goes away immediately. You can buy them here if you don’t live near an Earth Fare.  If that doesn’t work, try drinking Aloe Vera. You can buy this online or at Trader Joes, and it works really well. It tastes awful, but works almost instantly. 


Prenatal Vitamins

I used the Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins. It is overwhelming how many brands of prenatal vitamins there are. I chose this one because it is all natural, food-based, has probiotics, and can be taken on an empty stomach. I always took mine at night and never had any problems at all. They are pricey, but I love them and they got great reviews. I found they are the cheapest on Vitacost . 


Snoogle Pillow

When I started my 3rd trimester I started to have really bad back pain when I would wake up in the morning. It was so bad, I would wake up in the middle of the night. A friend of mine at work suggested this pillow and it changed my life. It is now my best friend. My husband and I went on a weekend getaway and I brought it with me. I don’t have anymore back pain at night and I am able to sleep great. I highly recommend. I told myself in the beginning that I wasn’t going to spend the money on it but it is worth it. It may not work for everyone, so I encourage you to try it and if you don’t like it, you can always return it. 

So that is my list of pregnancy essentials…the list of items that I would not want to be without while pregnant. Let me know your favorite pregnancy essentials by commenting below!


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