My favorite pregnancy snacks

So I am 15 1/2 weeks pregnant. We get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl in exactly 3 weeks! I can barely stand it. I can’t wait to find out. The only downside so far I have had with being pregnant is the weight gain. As someone who struggled with being overweight when I was younger, I will admit, it is a huge fear of mine. I have been trying really hard to exercise at least 4-5 times a week and eat as healthy as possible. I am getting hungrier more than usual, so I always have to have snacks with me so that I don’t go to the vending machine at work and grab a Twix bar! I wanted to share my favorite pregnancy snacks for all you pregos out there. I did a lot of research and everyone eats differently, so these are just what work for me and they fill me up

  1. Sliced apples with peanut butter – these are really yummy and filling when you pair it with the peanut butter. I usually either make my own peanut butter when I go to my mom’s house (she has a vitamix) or I buy the all natural peanut butter from Earth Fare. Research shows that moms who eat apples while they are pregnant could potentially protect their kids from getting asthma later in life (published in Thorax online)
  2. Baby carrots and hummus – this is not a very exciting snack, but it does fill me up. Carrots are high in calcium and help with your baby’s development of bones and teeth. They also have a lot of vitamin C and A which you need a good amount of while pregnant. 
  3. Apricots – I love apricots! Don’t eat too many though! They are rich in calcium, folic acid, iron and FIBER!
  4. Cashews – I love cashews. I usually get the bag of individual serving sizes at Trader Joes (i get the 50% less salt). Eating nuts can help reduce the risk of your baby being allergic to them. 
  5. Pistachios and grapes – Whenever I eat nuts I usually pair it with some fruit to balance it out. I have been loving pistachios. Nuts are a healthy source of fiber which can help prevent constipation, something that can affect the majority of pregnant women. 
  6. Toast with peanut butter – I just love me a good peice of toast with some peanut butter. I eat whole grain bread and will sometimes put a little honey or jam on it to sweeten it up…it’s filling and delicious. 
  7. Whole grain cereal – It is recommended to eat a lot of whole grains when pregnant. They have the most vitamins, nutrients, and fiber (can’t get enough of that!) My go to whole grain cereals are Life, Multi Grain Cheerios, and Grape Nuts. I usually eat this before bed. Delicious!
  8. Popcorn – I have been eating the Smartpop popcorn (35 calories a serving) for when I want something quick and salty. So yummy!
  9. Plantain chips – I buy these at Trader Joes and I must say they are my weakness. They are healthier than eating potato chips, for when you are craving them. I highly reccomend stocking up on these. I also ate a lot of these in the beginning instead of crackers for whenever I felt a little queasy. 
  10. Cottage cheese with cantaloupe or pineapple – A few weeks ago I had a craving for cottage cheese and fruit and now I eat it every morning when I wake up before I have my “real” breakfast. I know you can’t have soft cheeses, but this was on the approved list and it is made from pasteurized milk (at least the one I have is). Cottage cheese has a ton of calcium and protein which makes it filling and delicious when  you mix it with your favorite fruit. It would also be good with mango!
  11. Yogurt – I keep hearing to eat a lot of calcium when you are pregnant because the baby’s can suck your bones dry haha. So I have been eating more yogurt. I like the Dannon Triple Zero mixed berry cups. There are no artificial sweeteners, it is sweetened with Stevia. It’s really filling and tastes like a yummy dessert. 
  12. Cheese sticks – I love string cheese! I have been pairing some mozzarella string cheese sticks fruit to get some extra calcium in my diet. 

I hope these snacks help you out. Like I said, I am trying to eat as healthy as possible and I am trying to get a good variety in with fruit, nuts, and dairy. I know I didn’t list a whole lot of veggie options but that is mainly because I eat a ton of salads or have veggies as a side with dinner. If you have any healthy pregnancy snacks, please share below!

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