BBQ Chicken Pita Pizzas

I am sure many of you love pizza, and may have even made homemade pizza for a fun family night meal. Have you ever considered using pita bread as the crust? This makes a very thin crust pizza which is our favorite kind! It is also healthier for you thank pizza dough. These BBQ Chicken […]

Triple Berry Smoothie

It’s warming up around here (finally!) and I have been craving smoothies! My husband and I experimented the other day and came up with a great combination. I was trying to create a great tasting triple berry smoothie that didn’t require any juice because it has added sugar. If I am going to have sugar […]

Healthy Banana Bread

Have any brown spotty bananas sitting on the counter? While they may look unappetizing, too ripe to eat bananas make a positively heavenly banana bread. Let’s get to it, shall we? I adore the scent that fills my home whenever I bake banana bread. My banana bread recipe contains flax seed and oat bran to […]